Drone Real Estate Marketing – Winter Haven Florida

We are continually striving to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge and productive marketing tools available and drones are just that. Drones provide a unique perspective when marketing a property especially luxury and lakefront homes as well as large parcel properties with acreage. Still photography can not capture the true gravity and feel of a property like drones can. A drone can fly over the front of the home’s roof top revealing a beautiful lakefront setting all in one continuous, movie-like motion. The same can be said when flying over acreage which gives a prospective buyer a birds-eye view of the land’s layout and it’s surroundings. No more guessing what’s next door to the property or if the home is on a small pond, large several thousand acre lake or the ultimate chain of lakes. When selling a special property with unique features the marketing tools utilized must be taken up a notch to capture the true essence of what is being offered. Yes it costs “us” more for this added level of marketing exposure, but our clients are worth it!!!

If you are considering the sale of a luxury home, lakefront property or a home on acreage, give us a call today to see how we market properties like no one else!

The Stones – Michael Stone & Deanna Stone
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