Why You Should Clear and Maintain Your Lakefront Investment

When selling a lakefront home the biggest asset is…drum roll please…the lakefront! Therefore it only makes sense to take care of the area down by the lake since it’s likely the main reason a buyer is looking at your home. Leaving your lakefront overgrown and unkempt is essentially leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Buyers imaginations will quickly envision alligators, snakes and all the other critters that are hiding in the weedy vegetation…definitely not a great selling point. On the other hand, a well-maintained and manicured lakefront helps a buyer to focus on the beauty and fun a lakefront home offers. Having your lakefront cleared then maintained on a regular basis will ensure that when the times comes to sell, you will be getting top dollar for your house!

If you are looking for a lakefront clearing company in Winter Haven or any of the surrounding cities in Polk County, we recommend contacting AAA (All About Aquatics – Phone: 863.585.9595 – Website: http://www.allaboutaquatics.com). Tell them The Stones sent you!

Here’s a before and after…now you can see and appreciate the lakefront this property offers!

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