Sell My Lakefront Home

Selling lakefront homes requires more knowledge and experience than the average track home. With 35+ years of combined real estate experience and over $125 million in sales we know our lakes inside and out. Not every agent is aware that certain lakes and bodies of water carry a premium over others. Having access to more than one lake is a prime example, i.e. the Winter Haven Chain. While other lakes are better for skiing or fishing depending upon exposure to prevailing winds, boat traffic, depth, habitat, etc. Additionally, marketing lakefront homes should not be average or run of the mill. Lakefront properties are unique and should be marketed using the best tools available (drone, professional photography, video). If you are looking to buy or sell a lakefront home, contact us today to see how we can help.

The Stones Real Estate Firm – Michael Stone: 863.412.9733 – Deanna Stone: 863.412.2080 – [email protected]

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